Welcome to Lil' Rascals Wildlife Rehabiliation


Our mission is to provide best-practice treatment to all wildlife patients in care with the ultimate goal of release.

If you have found a mammal in need in the Midcoast region, please call us at 207-607-0110. Or, visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife listing of wildlife rehabilitators by county. Here you can find the closest rehabber to you, and contact them ASAP.

What to do if you've found an animal:

If you have found an orphaned or injured animal, the first thing to do is call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. The rehabber will be able to ask you questions and determine the best course of action for the survival of that animal. In many cases, especially concerning young uninjured animals, the best action may be to leave it where it is, or move it to a safe area and allow the parents to reclaim it. Please never try to feed or treat wildlife on your own!

Mammals: If you have found an orphaned or injured animal in the Mid-Coast region, call us at 207-607-0110. 

Birds: Lil’ Rascals can only accept small mammals. If you have found a bird in the midcoast region, call hotlines at The Center for Wildlife (York, ME) (207) 361-1400 or Avian Haven (Freedom, ME) 207-382-6761 for more information.